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Frequently asked questions

We understand you have questions, we have answers. Here are some of our customers most frequently common questions.

Stained or polished floors? Which is better?

Stained and polished goes beyond a desire for a mirror finish or rustic patina for your interior concrete floor. It also depends on your budget, planned usage, and maintenance expectations.

Polished concrete floors are premium, they cost more because it requires more equipment and the labor installation process is greater. For polished floors in heavy foot traffic areas like retail stores, warehouses, stadium concourses, or restaurants, the upfront expenses are worth it due to the little maintenance required later. The polishing process has a longer drying time, but when it’s done, it will last and look great.

How long do I need to stay off newly coated floors?

Most coating applications take 24-48 hours after the installation process to be able to walk on the surface.  Some products may take up to 14 days to be 100% cured.

Applications which take longer to cure can still be used for light traffic after 24 hours of job completion.  Don't worry, your expert installer will go over the curing time requirements for your selected coating application.

How long will my floor coatings last?

The longevity of a concrete floor coating such as epoxy can vary depending on a number of factors such as the quality of the product used, the surface preparation before installation, and the amount of foot and vehicle traffic it receives.

Generally, a well-installed epoxy coating can last anywhere from 7 to 15 years or more with proper maintenance and care. However, factors such as exposure to sunlight, chemicals, and heavy loads can affect the lifespan of the coating.

Do you take on any commercial jobs?

We have done several retail jobs through out shopping centers and malls all over Florida.  Stonecrete is always looking to establish new relationships with general contractors.  

Contact us with any job details and our sales team will reply right back with a winning bid offer. We have capacity to tackle jobs up to 100K SQ FT.

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